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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2013 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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on friday, january 11th, 2013. the new business was a presentation by me on the ada transition plan for the youth guidance center. that was a project we have been working on this year. and we're making capital requests for the next two fiscal years on this project. and the purpose of this presentation was to show exactly what we do in the structure of the drawings, plans, the contracts, the cost estimates in project meetings. we did have a second item, which was not on the agenda. and that was a presentation by mark paul on larson street shared public way on the top of rincon hill, where they are seeking public input from individuals with disabilities and groups that represent individuals with disabilities.
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especially input from blind and low-vision advocacy and they are seeking a meeting with the california council of the blind hopefully at the lighthouse and we'll wish to invite other council members and the members of public to attend that presentation focus group. our next meeting is usually planned for the sec second friday of the month and that would be february 8th here at city hall, but since we are having low attendance at our meetings and we haven't had many suggestions on typicks, chairman roland wong has rented that we have a joint meeting with the multimodal accessibility advisory council. i believe their meeting is the third thursday of the month. and that would be the 14th.
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valentine's day. we'll put out a meeting notice and topics on that, i think are topics that will involve cycle tracks and some of the projects happening in san francisco by mta. our meetings are usually held at city hall the fourth floor, room 42 1 and should you have any ideas for our physical access committee please don't hesitate to contact me. my email is it hasn't come up yet. thank you. no period between sf and gov.
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my telephone number is 415-554-6789. just call me at our main number. and our tty is 415-554-6169. thank you. my second presentation is on the mayor's office on disability capital projects requests for the next fiscal year, fiscal year 2014. these have already been submitted to the capital committee. and many of these are continuations of projects that we already have in the works. we try not to overwhelm the system with too much requests and spread our funding out
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based on the projects scheduled. but our funding tends to be a priority by the mayor's office and by the board of supervisors and the capital committee. and we really do appreciate the attention that they give our projects. for san francisco general hospital, we are, of course, fully funded for the work we're doing inside building 5, the main hospital. which will become clinics and a support hospital once the new san francisco general rebuild project is complete. we're asking for an additional $1 million for work on other locations at the campus. we have currently this fiscal year $1.7 million and these projects are rebuild the ramp entries at building 1 building
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9, and building 3, where the car auditorium is located. and building accessible restrooms in the building cluster that is 9, building 40, which will remain to have clinics on the floor. our second project at san francisco general hospital is the funding of phase 2 for the building 80 and 90 elevator renovations. as you have known from previous presentations, we have some service problems with these elevators. that building has many health clinics that provide central services and during the rebuild, it will become what we call "a surged space." where other sections of other departments on the campus will cycle and move into this building temporarily. so this building will have another 20-30-year lifecycle.
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our next projects that we're seeking funding on are for the construction of the barrier removal projects at the south of market cultural arts center, called somart to provide access to a very large mezzanine that is only accessed by stairs right now. there is a dance studio and ceramics and to build accessible restrooms in the upper floors the mission cultural arts center. and also provide accessible access to the print studio, which is on a mezzanine on the third floor. that print studio is nationally known for its artwork and its educational programs. for the youth guidance center, i just spoke about the presentation that we did for the ada transition plan.
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we're requesting $400,000. that is to do all the design and architectural construction drawings and obtain building permits for a $3 million project to be funded in 2014-2015. we are also requesting some funds for miscellaneous general services projects. in our master planning efforts that go on to support all of these projects, that is at the level of $400,000. and let's see, we do have some other funding requests in 2014-15. under the plan, we must plan for a two-year cycle of budget requests. and also a ten-year capital plan request. so we're looking at sun setting our funding in 2015. and it will take us through
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2015, almost all the way through that year to complete the construction of all of our projects. these funding requests are separate from curb ramp and sidewalk ada transition plan funding projects. all right? so these are the architectural buildings. and that is the end of my report. >> thank you, jp. is there any public comment or comment on the bridge line for any of these reports? okay then we'll move on to agenda item no. 11. >> is there any comment on the bridge line? >> no. okay. we'll move on to agenda item no. 11, public comments, items not on today's agenda, but within the jurisdiction of the mdc.
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jerry grace. >> you did it again, shame on you, chip. i waited for you to call me on the number before that,- john's report so i could ask the question. no. 11, but john, this is the question that i wanted to ask you. i wonder -- i had never known this before, but i wonder about this, too. i wonder are you working with -- excuse me -- uc -- i --
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i'm thinking about the other hospital across the street from the golden gate park. but up the street. >> no. >> okay. why i'm asking that, because i didn't know who was working on ucsf. i don't know what is going on with that hospital over there, but i know maybe you could check it out and see what is going on over there. i don't know, because i know -- [speaker not understood] i want to say happy new year
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everybody here. i am very happy to be here. i haven't been here for a long time. i am very surprised with what is going on today. san francisco's buses are okay. some of its stuff is fine, but what i'm hearing is people are stealing cell phones. it's not really cool do that. watch so nobody take your ssi check. what i am hearing
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today, my advice to you is to please go to the ssi office and is it there to have your money in the bank account right away. so nobody will steal your check in the mailbox. beware, keep your eyes open all the time, around the house, keep your eyes open. call the police. sfpd -- i'm sorry, the post office pd. i messed up on that one. the san francisco police department, tell them what you saw and where and what time it happened, all of that stuff. i am hearing this on the news and i'm giving you good advice to keep your eyes open at all-times.
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again, one more time, please go to ssi office and get started going to the bank and put your monies in the bank. thank you very much. >> thank you, jerry. very good advice. is there any public comment on the bridge line? >> is there any public comment on the bridge line? no. >> okay. item no. 12, do we have any correspondence? >> no correspondence. >> thank you. item no. 13, discussion item. council member comments and announcements. denise. >> thank you, chair. i just want to remind everyone that the mayor's disability council meets here in this room from 1:00 to 4 [ao*-ts/]:00 on
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the third friday of this the every month. the next meeting is friday, february 15th, 1-4 p.m. and ken stein has an informational item to share with us. >> thank you, i let carla know on wednesday and the rest of staff, that the last day with the mayor's office on disability will be february 14th. i gave them 30 days' notice. i really do not like garish farewells, but this being the last meeting i will be at, it was only right for me to tell
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you personally. you know, i love the work that i do. i love the work that i have done in the city for the last ten years. i have been doing this work -- this is my 43rd year of that and i'm very proud of the work that i do. i am very proud of the office that i work for and the work that they do. the hard work that the office does and the staff that i work with are remarkable in terms of all that we are asked to do. you know it's been great being the staff member for the council for the last ten years. and not just you, everyone, you know, we're all just passing through for the previous councils, the councils that are going to come after you. it's all a work in progress. and we keep making progress. i'm going to be making a more
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formal announcement in a few weeks and i will see you all at the executive committee meeting, if you there on tuesday. but for now, less is more and i just wanted to say thank you very much and wish everybody really well. thank you. >> ken, i would just like to say a few words in response to that. when i first joined the council, you came up to me and from the get-go have made my entrance on the to the council smoother. you are a wealth of information about the rights in the disability community. you have been a mentor to me and a shining example of how to be in the world, period. and i for one i'm going to miss
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your presence quite a bit. >> i too would like to comment. ken, you are going to be sorely missed, because you are a wealth of information and we need your input still and i'm sure we'll be seeing you around and at meetings and doing presentations in front of us. you are not leaving us totally, right? great. thank you. >> oh, wow, we're just being blown away together. i hope we get better in the super bowl. ken, oh, my goodness, where am i going to get my papers from? i can call on the phone and ken will have it up in the email just as fast. i'm going to miss that, ken. i'm sure we will get someone else, but you are definitely in
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my heart. >> ken, what can i say? everybody has already said it, but it's been a pleasure knowing and working with you. you will be missed and i hope we continue to see you in one capacity or another. so thank you for everything that you have done, and for -- you know your help to the council and when i needed assistance. so i thank you for everything and i wish you luck. >> this is carla. i have spoken privately with ken about this, but i think it's just very important to say these words publicly. that ken has really been the loving heart and the compassionate soul of the mayor's office on disability
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and the independent living movement in the bay area. he has such an amazing connection to so many people that help us to do the work that we do everyday. he has the institutional knowledge and he has that habit, that sometimes is a little hard to take, but he is always reminding me of how to do the right thing. and i have just very much appreciated your guidance, and your presence, and your very, very good work; ken, we will miss you terribly. >> excuse me, ken, one thing, can you email me how to plan a meeting? [ laughter ] >> public comment? >> yes. ken, this is really blowing me out of the water. i know everybody here was blown out of the water.
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i did not know -- -- it's really blowing my mind. i didn't know. and you really shocked me to death and i was really shocked you are leaving. i don't know what you have planned. i don't know what you have planned. two people are leaving mtc and now i found out that you are leaving. i hope you will still be around. and i hope you will be around at other times or visit or any way you do. we want to pop up and see you
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again, please. >> thank you. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you, ken. >> all right then we have come to our final agenda item, which is adjournment. have a great afternoon. [ gavel ]
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>> good evening and welcome to the january 16th, 2013 meeting of the san francisco board of appeals. the presiding officer this evening is board president chris hwang joined by vice president frank fung, commissioner lazarus and commissioner darryl honda. commissioner hurtado is absent this evening. the deputy city attorney will provide the board with any legal >> what's up san franciscans? we are very much in the the giving of the year. perfect time to learn something new and have a little fun. here are some events that can be shared to start the year right.
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